When it comes to improving the bottom line, increasing your conversion rates is the first place to start. The process of conversion rate optimization by ColorCuboid begins with an audit of your analytics capabilities and an analysis of your existing data. Often we are able to make immediately actionable recommendations that can have dramatic effects. In cases where best practices are already in place, we can work with you to refine your design and messaging. If 1 out of every 100 people who visit your website end up making a purchase or setting an appointment, how much happier would you be to see 2 out of 100, 5 out of 100, or 10 out of 100 take the desired action?
Small changes to your website, your marketing and all of your outreach can produce dramatically enhanced results with your website's lead conversion rate. The measures we take to optimize results are-
  • Identification of business objectives
  • Audience research and targeting
  • Competitor and best practice analysis
  • Landing page development, optimization and testing
  • Path to conversion analysis
  • Form optimization
  • Conversion funnel optimization
  • Reporting and analysis

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New Webhosting Enters US Market successfully with ColorCuboidIM Services:

We have worked with a hosting company to assist them in creating strategy, execution and implementation. This was a demand generation and revenue realization program where we used extensive inbound and outbound techniques such as SEO,Content marketing, PPC and Display and Social media. The end result was that the client could start acquiring customers at an acquisition cost of $30 when the industry average was at $100, which is a whopping 300% increase in ROI.