Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing is a proven method of follow-on email communication that significantly increases the likelihood of new website leads turning into customers. For leads that are qualified but not sales ready, keeping your solution at the forefront of their minds is critical. We use proven lead nurturing techniques to convert leads to sales.
Keep your services at the forefront of prospect's minds by utilizing our services. We employ a wide array of techniques that ensures that your leads are regularly engaged hence ensuring that they are moved into the funnel as soon as they are sales ready.

Here are some of the benefits of lead nurturing:

  • More sales-ready leads
  • Increased credibility
  • Higher marketing ROI
  • Increased bid-to-win ratios
  • Increased deal size
  • Fewer lost opportunities
  • Increased top-of-mind awareness

Our Services include:

  • Lead nurturing campaign strategy
  • Lead nurturing email copy writing
  • Lead nurturing email set-up including, message personalization
  • Lead nurturing campaign measurement & optimization

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New Webhosting Enters US Market successfully with ColorCuboidIM Services:

We have worked with a hosting company to assist them in creating strategy, execution and implementation. This was a demand generation and revenue realization program where we used extensive inbound and outbound techniques such as SEO,Content marketing, PPC and Display and Social media. The end result was that the client could start acquiring customers at an acquisition cost of $30 when the industry average was at $100, which is a whopping 300% increase in ROI.