The best way to ensure you're maximizing the results from your media plan is to use an agency that specializes in media buying. Unlike traditional full-service agencies where media buying is often an afterthought, at ColorCuboid, media buying is at the core of what we do. It's where our expertise lies. Many people at creative agencies don't consider media buying all that "exciting." We disagree! We think that enabling our clients to reach more of their target market, while gaining better control over their ad spending, is the right way to go.
At ColorCuboid, we insist on understanding a client's product and target audience before we begin to contemplate how and when we might communicate with the target. We use a wealth of statistics and other data resources (data sources included within the research tab) to produce targeted audience and media consumption profiles and then relate these to various media to determine the optimum combinations for each advertiser and product.
We then develop innovative ways in which the selected media can cut through and increase awareness. We know that creative media ideas and strategic placements work. ColorCuboid strives to create unique campaigns for each client and provide the best Media Buying services.

ColorCuboid's media buying services manage the placement of:

  • Cost per click ads
  • Banner ads
  • Background ads
  • Pop-under ads
  • Transition ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Dashboard ads
  • Graphic, rich media and text ad formats

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New Webhosting Enters US Market successfully with ColorCuboidIM Services:

We have worked with a hosting company to assist them in creating strategy, execution and implementation. This was a demand generation and revenue realization program where we used extensive inbound and outbound techniques such as SEO,Content marketing, PPC and Display and Social media. The end result was that the client could start acquiring customers at an acquisition cost of $30 when the industry average was at $100, which is a whopping 300% increase in ROI.